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Ocular Migraines

Ocular migraines (or retinal migraines) can cause symptoms related to the classic or common migraine. In fact, ocular migraines generally occur in young adults who have had a previous history of common migraines. Also, older people can experience ocular migraines without headache symptoms.

Symptoms of ocular migraines can be in one or both eyes. Quite often, a gray or visual disturbance which starts centrally and moves off to the side marks the beginning of an ocular migraine. The visual disturbances can appear to the person as heat waves, C-shaped or shimmering lights, or multiple dark spots. Usually, this lasts five to thirty minutes. Other common symptoms are loss of vision in one eye and increased sensitivity to bright lights. In general, there is no serious ocular complications caused by ocular migraine. Treatment, in most instances, is not necessary, unless the ocular migraine is linked to the common or headache type migraine.

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