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Routine eye examinations are an important component of preventive health care. There are many conditions that could affect the health of the eye that have no obvious signs or symptoms. An integral part of maintaining good vision and eye health is screening for early presentation of eye diseases so that proper treatment and monitoring can begin to prevent vision loss when possible.

There are many parts to a comprehensive eye exam starting with a thorough patient health history to determine systemic health problems, medications and risk factors that can influence ocular health. Preliminary testing is performed by our technicians and includes a visual acuity, evaluation of depth perception, muscle movement, and correctable visual acuity obtainable by the patient’s visual system. The doctor will then assess the entire eye through the use of magnifying instruments.

Additional testing may be needed based on the exam finding to confirm, rule out, or track various problems related to the eye. At the completion of the eye examination, the doctor will discuss the nature of any eye health or visual problems that were found and provide information and options on the best treatment plans.

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