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What is LASIK?
What is the intralase method ™ ?
What is the excimer laser?
Who is eligible for CustomVue LASIK?
Who is a good candidate for CustomVue?
What is the CustomVue Laser Vision Correction?
How does the laser know what to correct in my eyes?
What is a WaveScan and a WavePrint Map?
How does the CustomVue procedure work?
How accurate is WaveScan technology?
Does the WaveScan hurt?
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Am I awake during these procedures?
How do I keep my eyelids open? Will it cause a problem if I blink?
Can I wear my contacts when I come in for my pre-refractive surgery exam?
I can’t go without my contacts for 4 weeks, what can I do?
Can LASIK or PRK help me eliminate my need for reading glasses?
Is the CustomVue LASIK procedure painful?
Is the CustomVue LASIK procedure safe?
What should patients know for the day of the procedure? 
How long does the procedure take?
What can patients expect after surgery?
What are some of the risks?
What restrictions will I have after my laser vision correction surgery?
Will medical insurance cover the cost of laser vision correction?
What does CustomVue LASIK cost?
Do you have financing options available for laser vision correction?
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