LASIK Recovery Time

LASIK is one of the most sought out corrective eye surgery options primarily due to its incredibly quick recovery time. Most patients find they have near perfect vision just minutes after the procedure. Although the immediate recovery period for LASIK is generally 6 to 12 hours, LASIK recovery, just like any surgery, varies patient by patient. 

Often within the first 4 hours following LASIK surgery, patients experience mild pain or discomfort including an itchy, burning sensation and light sensitivity. Patients are advised to try to nap and rest their eyes to alleviate these issues. Usually by the time the 4-hour window closes, patients feel comfortable again. Redness of the eyes is another common symptom immediately following surgery. Eye drops to properly lubricate the eye will be prescribed by the surgeon to combat dryness of the eye and help the cornea heal. 

The most important part of the LASIK recovery period is the post-operative care and follow-up appointments. The surgeon will provide a list of what to do and what not to do to aid in LASIK recovery time. Patients can typically expect a post-operative follow up the day after surgery, another appointment with 3-4 weeks, and then again at the 6-month mark. While you may need to wait a few extra days before using electronic devices such as the TV or computer, the great news is that your vision will most likely be improved enough to drive yourself back to your doctor’s office to ensure proper recovery post-surgery. Because it is necessary to follow all safety precautions given by your doctor, once your doctor has evaluated and deemed your vision sufficient for safe driving, you will be able to drive again. Within a few days you’ll be able to get back to many aspects of a normal routine including exercise. 

While the eyes are still in the healing process, soap, water and makeup should be kept clear of the eyes for the first week. In addition, for at least the first 2 weeks, patients should not swim, use a hot tub or submerse in water. 

Protecting the corneal flap is one of the most important aspects of LASIK recovery time. It is recommended to wear eye shields for the first day after surgery and at night or when sleeping for 4-5 days post-surgery. 

With several post operative follow appointments, your surgeon will keep you apprised of your progress and give you, and your vision, greater clarity on what to expect for your own individual LASIK recovery time. For more frequently asked questions and to schedule your LASIK evaluation, contact the team at Kalamazoo Ophthalmology by 269-329-5860 or website.